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Betty Green is a painter and Primetime Emmy Award winning designer. Her work has been exhibited widely in museums and galleries throughout California. Green attended Cornell University and UCLA, where she studied painting under the tutelage of Richard Diebenkorn. She is the recipient of an International Clio and was awarded The “City of Los Angeles, Certificate of Tribute” for exemplary contributions in the Arts.


My current series of paintings are explorations of opposition – winter and summer, light and dark, order and chaos – the unending dualities in the natural world. Frequently, I use symmetry as a way to bring order, structure and balance to my work –while on a separate plane chaotic elements create disorderly swirls of activity. This tension between stasis and kinesis creates a balancing act that fascinates me.

I use a mixed media process on canvas, to create a more visceral experience -combining paint and found objects such as bubble wrap, twigs, vintage wallpapers and collaged reproductions. My paintings are tactile explorations that are imbued with an emotional ambiguity that arises from beneath the painted surface. I’m inspired by both the order and randomness of life – balance versus chaos. One cannot exist without the other.